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Global Vision Capital Corp. is a private venture capital firm based in Vancouver, Canada. By discovering superior global investments in the resource sector and other special situations, Global Vision looks to invest in early-stage growth opportunities with significant potential. The Company’s mission is to identify highly prospective projects with experienced management teams and lead them into the development of world-class companies.

Global Vision is led by Mr. Gregg J. Sedun, LLB, an independent venture capital professional and former corporate finance/mining lawyer with 38 years of industry-related experience. Global Vision backs projects with its own funds and has successfully raised significant capital from its network of investment banks, as well as institutional and high net-worth investors. Global Vision’s extensive global network of industry personnel, bankers, brokers, hedge fund managers and corporate professionals allows the Company to recruit expert management teams and find potential business partners for venture capital projects. Throughout Mr. Sedun’s career, companies in which he has been involved as a founding director, shareholder and/or senior executive have collectively raised over $1 billion through 100+ financings and created $5.4 billion in shareholder value from 3 major acquisitions.

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