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Mr. Sedun was a Founding Shareholder and Director of the merged entity Rodeo Capital II, which acquired Shona Energy, and assisted with the initial going-public transaction of Shona Energy by raising $32 million in September 2011. Shona subsequently merged with Canacol Energy (TSX:CNE) in a $140 million transaction in December 2012. Shona was an international oil and gas exploration and production company focused in Colombia and Peru. Prior to its acquisition by Canacol, Shona had 95 billion cubic feet (15.8mm boe) of 2P natural gas reserves and operated 14 million cubic feet per day (2,300 boepd) of production from the Esperanza E&P contract in Colombia.

Contact Info
Canacol Energy Ltd.
Eighth Avenue Place
4500, 525 – Eighth Avenue South West
Calgary, Alberta
T2P 1G1

Phone – +1-403-561-1648
Email: IR-GLOBAL@canacolenergy.com

Mr. Sedun is a Director of Cold Bore Technology Inc. (“Cold Bore”) and the lead financier of the first Seed A C$5 million private equity financing. The Company has raised approximately C$15 million to date. Cold Bore gives oil and gas operators a ground-breaking real time window into their surface, and subsurface operations via a 100% non-intrusive acoustic receiving system. Using Cold Bore’s Sonic Completions Analytics, system operators are able to track, monitor, and confirm events both on the surface, and downhole in real time for the first time ever. Cold Bore is a private company based in Calgary, Canada.

Website: https://coldboretechnology.com

Mr. Sedun is a current Director and significant early stage investor in the first Seed A $3 million private equity financing of Empower Environmental Solutions Ltd. (“Empower”). Empower has developed a proprietary low-impact, efficient and effective closed loop process-technology for the 100% sustainable recycling of asphalt shingles and the extraction and recovery of liquid asphalt cement, fiberglass/felt and mineral aggregate sand. These products are then sold and used in the asphalt pavement, shingle manufacturing, construction products and other industrial applications. Empower is a private company based in Vancouver, Canada.

Contact Info:
7046 Brown Street
Delta, BC
V4G 1G8
Tel: +1-604-946-0019
Email: info@empowerenvironmental.com
Website: http://empowerenvironmental.com

Mr. Sedun is a founding Director and shareholder of Current Power & Gas (“Current”), a private energy provider participating in the growing deregulated energy business in the United States. Mr. Sedun helped finance the first Series A $2 million private equity financing.

Contact Info:
8899 East Surrey Avenue
Scottsdale, AZ
Tel: +1-602-315-1231
Email: info@CPG-energy.com
Website: https://www.cpg-energy.com